Where are they now? Lisa Stansfield

Lisa Stansfield, you know her don’t you? Rochdale lass, went ‘round the entire globe to find a baby and still couldn’t uncover what must have been the greatest hide-and-seek infant in the world. Or perhaps I am taking the hookline from her biggest hit a tad too literally.

Anyway, at her pomp she was a massive star on both sides of the Atlantic with hits like the aforementioned 1989 smash All Around The World and her collaborations with Coldcut on People Hold On and This Is The Right Time. In the early nineties she was, with Annie Lennox, Britain’s most successful female recording artist. So much so that she was invited to appear at the 1992 Freddie Mercury tribute concert and featured on a subsequent release from that live show.

This tied in with Ms. Stansfield’s vigour in supporting AIDS charities, a cause close to her heart and one which she has championed throughout her career.

However, as the nineties wore on, and like many artists of that period, she faded from view. New, hungry and (on the face of it) less polished artists, were hitting the charts. Downloads and MP3s were all the rage and Top of the Pops was on life support. Much like Stansfield’s marketability as a music artist.

The likeable Lancashire lass still managed to release a couple of well-received but poorly marketed and selling albums. She was experimenting with style and sound and, well, they flopped.

But by the early part of the new millennium the singer Lisa Stansfield had become the actress Lisa Stansfield. She appeared The Edge of Love in 2008 following some minor roles up to that point. This is her last listed accreditation according to IMDB in amongst around half-a-dozen film parts.

Interestingly, Stansfield’s career has pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. No new music released since 2004 and no film roles since 2008. Her official website (http://www.lisa-stansfield.com/) hasn’t been updated since 2007 and even the Lisa Stansfield Experience, a fans’ site dedicated to her, is now defunct.

Stansfield released 9 albums, scored top 5 hits in both the UK and US album charts and had one of the most distinctive female voices in UK music. Now she is pretty much retired if cyberspace if to be believed.

James A. Stewart


7 thoughts on “Where are they now? Lisa Stansfield

  1. Yep, wonders where true lady with great voice is today – pity that not possible to identify any news about her.
    Actually, looks like that I fell in love at her …

  2. We all miss you Lisa. The best singer ever since Dusty! Please at least let your fans know what’s happening.
    Regards. Fellow Muso.

  3. Lisa, your needed on this new league of best in class artist. Come back and smash these ole want to be’s. please

  4. James A Stewart… the lady is making her way back…gigs in London Oct & Manchester in Nov… album to follow in the Spring along with a new film role… the internet and music channels will start spinning very soon…watch this space!

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